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We are trying to sell a home that we purchased in 2009. The buyers are asking for permits on central air and furnace work that was completed prior to our purchase of the home. We discovered that there were no permits pulled for the work when it was completed and are unwilling to open permits at this time since the request was made 3 days before closing. If the deal falls through–what is our obligation for a future buyer? Do we need to disclose that there are no permits for the work that was done? Are we required to now have permits opened?

State law requires that sellers and real estate brokers and salespersons disclose any material facts. A “material” fact is a fact that would be of importance to a reasonable potential buyer’s purchasing decision. I believe that the lack of permits, if required by the town, is a material fact. The first thing that you should do is check with the town building inspector to see if permits were required for the air conditioning and furnace. If they are required and you do not get permits, you need to disclose that to buyers. You are technically in violation of town ordinances if they are required, so I would recommend that you get the permits.


How do I find out if my real estate agent has a Connecticut real estate license?

Go to and click on Lookup a License on the left hand menu bar. On the criteria page be sure to select both real estate broker and real estate salesperson under License type. You can do this by selecting the first one, navigate to the second one, hold down the Ctrl key and then select the second one. Enter the agent’s last name and click Search. The agent’s Credential Status should be Active.


Do you have to be sponsored by a broker to take the state exam? No

How much does that cost? $80 to apply to take the exam, $65 to take the exam, and $285 in even numbered years to get the license. There is also a $20 Guarantee Fund fee.

Is there a waiting list? No

You also must complete a 60 course offered by a school approved by the Real Estate Commission before apply to take the test. ECAR has an approved school. Get the details at

For additional licensing information contact Kathryn O’Leary at ECAR by phone at 860-892-2595 or by email at


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